Happy 30th Birthday, Maria!

Happy Birthday Maria! I think it’s great that you’re spending your big day doing what you love, with the people you love. Good luck tonight!

This year mariakanellis.com teamed up with Maria-K.net. For the past 2 weeks we’ve asked our readers to send in their birthday wishes. We received emails from your biggest fans from all over the world. Click here to check them out.

(If you didn’t get a chance to send in an email, feel free to leave Maria a special birthday message in the comments section of this post.)

From: Alicia
Message Body:
Happy Birthday Maria! Thank you for doing what you do and for loving each and every one of your fans. Your gorgeous! Happy 30th! xoxo

From: Lisa Marie
Message Body:
I want to wish Maria a very Happy 30th Birthday, all the best to her this year! Health + Happiness. xoxo

Message Body:

From: Angel Moore
Message Body:
happy birthday maria, love you tons and can’t wait to see you in wwe again <3 (:

From: Adrian Flores
Message Body:
Maria, you’re such my FAVORITE PERSON in this big world! Not just because you’re so beautiful, you’re so smart and you have the best feellings! Since I Saw you in the WWE, and right Now, I love You! I wish you Just the best things to happen in your life! You’re the Best! Passion is Your Motivation, and my Motivation is YOU!

From: James Fisher
Message Body:
Happy 30th Birthday Maria Kanellis

From: Lindsey Brown
Message Body:
Heyy maria! i just wanna wish you a very happy 30th birthday! :D

From: Bastian Watteroth
Message Body:
happy birthday maria

From: Dominic Rocco
Message Body:
Happy birthday!! Wish you where back in wwe or at least Tna. I would love a autographed picture of you if possible.

From: Ainur
Message Body:
Maria! Happy Birthday to you! I wish you a lot of success! Your fan from Russia =3

From: Juan Bernal
Message Body:
Happy Birthday Maria, my name is Juan, i’m a firefighter in Iraq contracting for the U.S. i’m from Chicago, and am a huge fan, you have a huge following out here at the fire station. if you have a PO Box or something for your friends, i’d love to send you a Baghdad fire department t-shirt. Happy birthday, have a great day.

From: jenni
Message Body:
Happy birthday maria

From: Abdul H J
Message Body:
Maria Kanellis I start following your career since you start in WWE I was so shocked when you left WWE because I really saw and still see in you the best diva and the most perfect woman in earth (Without exaggeration) ..  Beautiful, funny, smart, graceful, gorgeous body, amazing smile, charming eyes. I like to believe that we are spent years together you in the ring and I behind the TV screen watching you So I really must celebrate your 30th birthday with you even behind the computer screen because I will do any thing to make you happy

LOVE ,, your biggest fan ever   ABDUL

From: Sergio
Message Body:
A lot of congratulations and that you fulfill many more. Kisses from Spain

From: chantelle.c
Message Body:
happy birthday maria hope you have a good day and i want you to win your match whats coming up and i am your number 1 fan.

From: Leona Chisolm
Message Body:
Happy Birthday!!

From: Veronica
Message Body:
Happy Bday Hope you have an amazing Bday :)

From: Jonathan Studen
Message Body:
Happy Birthday Pretty Lady!!!!!!!

Best wishes!

From: Max Amrhein
Message Body:
Happy Birthday Maria!!!!!!!!! I wish a Great Day and the Best Health:))))Since i was 10 I followed you along the road and on the internet. Im a really big fan;) Have a great day From Max I love you<3

From: nithin.r
Message Body:
many more happy returns of t day maraia u r hot

From: Rajib Saha
Message Body:
I may be far
from you, but
every time I
close my eyes, I
see you
standing right
beside me.
I hope you
enjoy your
may never
know how
much you
mean to me
unless we
switch places
and you stand
where I do. Happy birthday
to you!I love u maria..i wanna meet u once in my life.i know u have too many fans bt i m d greatest fan u can ever have.plz meet me plz..Once again happie b’day my love..luv u ..muaaaahh!

From: Migle
Message Body:
Dear Maria, Happy Birthday <3

From: Usman Butt
Message Body:
Happy Birthday, hope you have a great day. The number 30 is just a number as your gorgeous for your age. Hope plenty of happiness comes your way professionally and in your personal life.

Lots of love xxx

From: Brian Carpenter
Message Body:
Happy birthday Maria

From: Ryan
Message Body:
Hey Maria, Happy Birthday!! Congrats on getting back in the ring. I am a filmmaker btw and plan on making an action film sometime, maybe you could be in it as the villain. Let me know what you think. HAPPY BDAY! :)

From: Jared Calima
Message Body:
Hello This is Jared. I just want you to say happy birthday maria and your now 30 years old and thank you.

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