Royal Rumble Coverage

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Backstage, Ashley knocked on Maria’s locker room door and Santino Marella walked out instead. He said Maria is getting ready for the first HD kiss cam. Santino said her Maria can’t say no to anyone or anything. Ashley said that’s probably why she’s still with him. Santino, unfazed, cut a promo about Maria not being interested in Ashley’s boobie magazine. He cut a promo on Ashley being eliminated on Survivor. He slammed the door in her face to close.

Maria’s music hits as she comes out with a mic. She says that it is time for the first ever Royal Rumble Kiss Cam. They do the Kiss Cam, embarrassing as many people as possible. Maria thanks the crowd as the last couple is booed for not even kissing. Ashley’s music hits and she makes her way out. Ashley gets in the ring and kisses Maria. Ashley tells Maria that she got a call last week from Hugh Hefner and he wanted to know if she was interested in posing for Playboy. Maria starts to answer as Santino Marella’s music hits. Marella says “stop it, just stop it.” He gets in the ring and tells Maria that since she obviously didn’t get it earlier the answer is no. He says that no one wants to see Maria without her clothes on. The crowd boos as Marella goes on to insult New York sports franchises. The crowd starts a loud let’s go Giants chant. Ashley tells Santino to “wait a minute.” Santino says that nobody cares about the Giants. Ashley tells Santino that this is Maria’s decision. Maria says she doesn’t know and asks the crowd if they want to see her pose for Playboy. Obviously the crowd cheers as Marella interrupts by insulting the crowd.

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