Raw Results

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When Maria walked out, Lawler said he already has a lifetime subscription to Playboy, but he might renew it on the news that she will be posing in it. Maria stayed at ringside for the match that Carlito took on Cody Rhodes.

Maria took on Melina in a one on one match with Santino at ringside. Santino told Melina “Not The Face!” and Melina continued to beat on her. Melina tried to pull on Maria’s trunks to get a pin, but Maria sat down on her for the win.

After the match, Santino covered Maria whose pants were pulled down a little. “Damn you Japanese people for your high-definition technology!” he shouted in the line of the night. Poor Hunter. He almost had it with the line about Snitsky needing a toothbrush earlier. Santino scolded fans for taking a picture of her. He said, “Look at them! They are all fantasizing about you right now. Even J.R. has erected a monument in his trousers. It may be a small monument, but it’s a monument nonetheless. I feel like grabbing the Liberty Bell, turning it upside down, and puking inside of it.” He said the fans will never, ever his Maria in “the Playboy.” Great performance once again by Santino, and clever hype for the Playboy issue with Maria.

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