Battle Femme Fatale preview photo

If you follow Maria on Twitter, you know that she’s been taking fencing lessons… well, I think we just found out why. Maria will be part of Battle Femme Fatale’s upcoming webseries….

Photos: Maria at Philadelphia Comic Con [Day 2]

Maria posted a lot of pictures on Twitter this past weekend while attending Comic Con in Philadelphia. She posed with everyone from Cookie Monster to the Ghostbusters! Check out all the photos…

New DVD cover art for Night of the Demon

Fans were unhappy with the original DVD cover art for Night of the Demon, so CODE RED DVD released a new cover. Night of the Demon is part of “Maria’s B Movie…

Maria reviews Super 8 on AfterBuzz TV

Maria has been talking about popular TV shows on AfterBuzz TV, and now the online network will begin to review the biggest movies. Check out this audio only episode, as Maria talks…

Maria at Playboy’s Bigpoint E3 Party [Photos]

Last week Maria attended the Bigpoint E3 party at the Playboy Mansion. posted photos of Maria with Bigpoint CEO, Heiko Hubertz and publicist, Tim Sepulvado. Check them out in the gallery….